One last project

Hopefully I’ll be done with my last school project over the weekend. Cache coherency protocols are interesting and all, but I’m ready for a break from school. No memorial day for me really, but it’ll be worth it to be done with school…

Gas price

Can you believe gas prices? Bet it’s even worse in ca.


Grace showing her love of the camera (and ice cream) :).

OneNote videos from Microsoft UK

These videos are hilarious! Checkout all the stuff in the background! The US never gets commercials like these: OneNote commercials from Microsoft UK

Camera Recommendations?

Any recommendations for a $100 – $200 digital camera? Looking for one for my sister who’s in college and doesn’t want to spend much.

Joseph Smith Conference

Thought several of my friends and family would want to watch/listen/download this. Saturday and Sunday BYU Broadcasting will be streaming "The Worlds of Joseph SmithAn International Academic Conference at the Library of Congress". Very cool. Certainly a fulfillment of his own prophecy "that my name should be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds,… Continue reading Joseph Smith Conference