How I find stuff on the Web

Susan asked how I find time to find stuff like the procrastination tip I posted earlier. Short answer – RSS.
First, I don’t browse the web using IE. I use RSS Bandit or and only look at RSS Feeds. RSS feeds are special files that describe what’s changed on a web page. So there are certain web pages I "subscribe to" by adding the address of their RSS Feed to RSS Bandit or bloglines. Then those programs tell me when something has changed on the page in an email like format.
Next, I use and to create search RSS Feeds. Technorati and MSN will do searches and return the results as RSS feeds. So when something new shows up on the web – like an article about my product, WinFS, or a tip about studing scriptures, it shows up as a new post in RSS Bandit and bloglines.
In 5 or 10 minutes a day I can have a program scan 100’s or 1000’s of websites and show me only those things I’m likely to be interested in. And that list I can scan quickly the headlines and read the most relevant looking.
But that’s part of why I like MSN Spaces – the "syndicate this" link is a link to an RSS Feed. And so I can subscribe to all of your blogs and see instantly when you have posted something new without manually visiting it every day. You showup in my daily headlines right along side news about WinFS, productivity tips, and world headlines :). It’s my personal newspaper.

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