Talking about UCDH!

Sounds like Colleen is doing well in dental hygiene school. Glad to hear things are going well. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the computer you ended up getting. Is this a photo of William Hung, of American Idol fame? You should post about that!


Well I am in my first month and loving hte hygiene program. It is hard and excititng! I am enjoying being in Provo again and loving the ward and friends and especially roomates!

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  1. well, I love the computer, i dont love how best buy does the rebate stuff, i think it is such a hassel! I actually didn’t get to see William Hung live, but yes that is a picture of William Hung the American Idol star! A friend was MC/DJ/? for a company party in SanDiego and i got him to take some pictures and video on my camera of William Hung! Very cool i think. William looks like he has put on a few punds though:(

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