I received this beautiful gift from a co-worker. What a great gift – completely unexpected, but wow. He highly recommends Bali Island as a vacation spot :). He’s working at getting into the UW Professional Master’s Program and I hope he makes it in, though if he does it’ll mean fewer trips to Bali for… Continue reading Gift

Almost Live!

This show should still be used for educating people to Seattle. I highly recommend clicking on the Ballard Driving Academy skit. In College our dorm floor generated a Lame List (a sketch on Almost Live!) everyweek – I think it was a guy from Eastern Washington that thought it up… "The program had quite an enthusiastic… Continue reading Almost Live!

Microsoft Jargon

I don’t use any of these words, do I  ? Microsoft Jargon. Some of these words I don’t even know how to express their meaning accurately to people outside of Microsoft. Like "Build", "Ask", "Code Complete", "OOF", "Ping", "Quality Bar", "RTM", and "Slipping".


 Found a program that allows printing to PDF – next office will have this, but this is cool. A bit more general purpose than the funky MS Office Printer TIFF format. PDFCreator

IE7 Beta 2 Available

In case you haven’t read about it elsewhere already, Beta 2 of IE7 is available. I installed it on one of my machines at work and so far am enjoying it. No issues yet. Not quite sure I want to install it on our main home machine or my laptop on which I do most of my… Continue reading IE7 Beta 2 Available