Dave Tavres Passed his Fireman’s Test

Dave just posted about passing his fireman’s test at Disneyland. Very cool – congratulations!.  I’ve enjoyed reading about a different type of engineer – hope he keeps writing.

Shortness of Dark

 Hmmm. Interesting post about the possible effects of the reduced sleep we get due to night time lighting. While I’m always skeptical when they start blaming something of causing cancer, night time lighting messing up our circadian rhythms seems reasonable. I don’t think anyone would be injured by more sleep.

I’m on Microsoft.com!

as a code sample… in this Hey, Scripting Guy! column, the code sample happens to use my name. They let employees sign this contract so they can use our names in code samples, sample databases, etc. In return we get to be famous :). In a weird geeky sort of way. Unfortunately, in the sample they… Continue reading I’m on Microsoft.com!

T-Mobile Free Wi-Fi Weekends

 Don’t know if any of my friends and family have T-Mobile and WiFi, but this is a cool promotion! T-Mobile Free Wi-Fi Weekends. The name says it all. Evidently you just have to http://freeweekends.hotspot.t-mobile.com on your wifi device, enter you t-mobile number and then you’ll get a text message with a passcode. Pretty cool. Would have… Continue reading T-Mobile Free Wi-Fi Weekends