Phenoptin – PKU Cure

Wow – this would be awesome. It sounds like a real solution to PKU.


So here is the even more exciting news. Biomarin Pharmaceuticals has another option that is in the final stages of FDA approval. It works in a different way then my current treatment. Phenoptin is a pill that you take once a day and it introduces a cofactor enzyeme into the body which works with PAH to metabolize phe. This works great with those responsive to BH4. For those not they have a shot form that will work as well. The FDA has given it a Fast-track which is suppossed to expedite the process since it is the first to really address the medical needs of PKU. My Doctor hopes that by next winter it will be available for prescription and we can try it out. This is great because then I will be able to eat as much protien as I want. By body will actually be able to metabolize it all by itself.

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