Cool Japanese Cooking Knife

The Tosagata Hocho 6 inch Santoku Hocho: "Tosagata Hocho Cutlery are finely crafted kitchen knives that come from Tosa on Shikoku Island. This Region is much more rural and forested than other parts of Japan, and the blacksmiths still adhere to the old ways. The master blade-maker sandwiches a layer of Aogami Hagane (blue steel)… Continue reading Cool Japanese Cooking Knife

Meaning of Brigham

Brigham: From the Old English for ‘one who lives near a bridge’ and Old French for ‘soldier’.

SQL Injection

Bruce Schneier linked to this clever use of Google to search for SQL Injection vulnerable websites. All I can say is wow! 11.3% web sites. I would hope these are largely abandoned web sites, but they probably aren’t. If you are using SQL Server, check out this MSDN entry on ways to avoid SQL Injection… Continue reading SQL Injection


I hadn’t thought of the economics of tipping this way before…   I don’t know how we’d go about stopping it though. If customers stop tipping, it just hurts employees in the short term. Employees would have to stop taking the low paying jobs, really. Or we’d have to pass a law – heaven knows… Continue reading Tipping…

To the topper most of the popper most

Quote from Beatles Anthology 1 DVD that strikes me for some reason that I found a reference to on the web: When the others grew discouraged because of rejection John cheered them on by yelling, "Where are we going boys?" The other three then enthusiastically replied, "To the topper most of the popper most."