The Death of Web Ads – I wish

Dave Winer, the inventor of RSS, Blogging, and Podcasting, is predicting the end of the current model of advertising on the web. I think he, and the AdAge article with data showing ads aren’t as effective as just posting the information, are right. But I doubt if we’ll ever see ads disappear. Frankly, I think there is something about human nature that wants to be annoying, in your face, even when you don’t want to hear about it. This habit of trying to redirect people’s search for information is everywhere, not just the web.

For example, how many people know someone who sells something like Avon or Arbonne? If you ever ask that person for any information at all, the answer is a product they happen to sell.

It’s annoying, and you either end up not keeping them as a friend or filter them out. But that same thing happens on any web page that advertises – you ask for one thing, they give you something else that you didn’t ask for. TV- you want to watch a show, they try to tell you how this new razor will make you happy.

It’s been going on so long, I can’t imagine a few technologies like TiVo or RSS will change this. I fear it’s ingrained into human nature. I just hope I don’t do it :).

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