Data Protection Day

Tomorrow is data protection day (estabilished by the Council of Europe, US, and Canada). So much of your information is online now – much more than many people realize. And not just on facebook. Take a moment and learn more about what you can do to protect your information.

Example of Forgiving

This is a great example of how one should forgive. Great example. Roberts’ mistake came about half way through the 35-word oath, when, reciting from memory, he said the word ‘faithfully,’ out of order. The flub confused Obama who ultimately repeated the mistake. But speaking to ABC Tuesday night, the new president didn’t fault the… Continue reading Example of Forgiving

The Mother of All Demos

I am shocked whenever I meet someone with a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree who has not seen or at least heard of Douglas Engelbart’s “Mother of All Demos”.  This is where it all came from. What to do I mean by all? Everything about how we interact with computers today can be seen… Continue reading The Mother of All Demos