Windows & Chrome OS

Paul Thurott says Microsoft’s Cloud is “too little, too late”. Randall Kennedy is saying Chrome will fail. Perhaps a little too much, too soon? I don’t think they are comparable. Within Microsoft I’ve seen projects like Chrome OS. They are research projects – they never see the light of day, but they are done so… Continue reading Windows & Chrome OS

iPhone Review Process

Link: iPhone Review Process Joe Conway raises a lot of good points. It seems like a lot of developers have become increasingly upset about the review process, but I wonder what the answer is – Drop all reviewing and let it all in? Review only for security issues? Just try to be more transparent? I… Continue reading iPhone Review Process

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Droid an iPod Killer?

I know it’s not fair to compare the droid against the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G releases. But what about the original iPhone? Droid, launch weekend estimates: 100,000. iPhone: launch weekend estimates: 375,000 ~ 700,000. Note that the iPhone estimates were apparently overestimates – it’s tough to tally because AT&T only signed up 146,000 customers that… Continue reading Droid an iPod Killer?