Protecting data

I’ve started to hear questions about encrypting memory. For decades the industry has used a model where root was god of a machine and could access anything. That has been changing – we now operate in environments where root isn’t the owner of the data or even the device. Confidential computing addresses this allowing software… Continue reading Protecting data

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Clever Code

Great post from John Gruber on why clever code and cowboy culture is bad. Love the quotes from Guido van Rossum and Brian Kernighan. Every new programmer should read this: “When asked, I would give people my opinion that maintainable code is more important than clever code,” he said. “If I encountered clever code that… Continue reading Clever Code

A true hero

I admire anyone who stands for their moral convictions. Well done. John McCain the Republican vs. John McCain the Patriot — New York Magazine


So rather than complaining and blaming, start taking responsibility. Be stoical. Spend ten minutes or so every evening and identify the most important things you must work on the next day and make sure this remains your priority. Lower the priority on your email and social media and only look at it when you have… Continue reading @CarlPullein

Cute playlist.

Cute playlist. I love my Sonos, by the way.